How baby monitor reduce our work?

How baby monitor reduce our work?

The baby monitor will helpful to the parents in many ways best travel system for babies, mostly new born babies need the baby monitor in their room a lot because we don’t know when the baby will cry and at what time they will wake up and it’s impossible to be with them always. The baby monitor will take care of the baby completely when we are not around them. It act as another parent to the baby; it will send signal to the parent device once they start to cry and wake up. As soon as they receive the signal they can come to the baby room. It will reduce our panic situation when we are not with the baby. Parents can be relaxing and continue their work without any issues when we place the baby monitor in baby’s room.

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At what age we can use baby monitor?

There is no age limitation for using the baby monitor; we can use it as along as we need because it will record the things what is happening in the baby’s room. But it sufficient to use up to two years, later on they will start to speak and walk in a better way so once they wake up, they will get down from the crib and come out from the room or else they will call their parents for help. When it comes from new born to 2 years, it was quite difficult to handle them Baby Journey. They don’t know what to do and how to call the parents. So, this will be handled by the baby monitor, it will contact the parents through the receiver. Up to 2 years, we need to watch the babies with care and note each and every moment. This is the main growth stage of every baby’s life journey so we need to note each and every moment when we are absent, it can be done by the baby monitor and it will watch the baby with keen eye.

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Latest technology found in the baby monitor:

In old version of baby monitor, we can just receive the signal from the baby’s room. It will help to the people those who are in another room for the household work or may be busy in some work but they will be in same house. Then as the years passed, the parents start to go out for their work and appointed the care taker to take care of the baby, but they will be having doubt what the baby is doing and how the care takes is taking care of the baby. To overcome these problems, baby monitor has come along with the video record system and music player. By this way, we can record each and every movement of the baby and these records can be seen at any time from the parent’s mobile phones or gadgets. The parents will feel comfortable in their work zone too and continue their work without any hesitations. The music player will bring the good sleep to the baby and they have peaceful sleep.

Shared Parenting: Tips For Separating

Shared parenting in order to be healthy and materialize in a real shared custody must have been well designed by both parents who must have had the opportunity to discuss the real problems of separation and have found the best agreement between them in the interest of the children.

A Good Project Shared By Both Parents:

In most of the separations in Italy today we hear about joint custody and we are often led to think that this situation is the result of non-belligerent agreements made with great serenity between exes and useful to foster a healthy two-parent project.

In reality, behind a “consensual” often hides the long negotiations made by professionals to avoid the worst …

This being the case, the ability to think about two-parenthood is often consecrated to mere practical needs aimed at avoiding a “judicial” one. The next phase can easily cause unnecessary suffering for the weaker parent as well as for the children.

Even worse in cases of judicial separation where the dispute reaches high levels of aggression and where the final agreement concerning the rules to be respected is dictated by the judge.

Intelligent Cooperation Between Ex

Parents need to make sure they are on the same page when it comes to education.

It would be important to have common rules or, when these are not, at least make sure that the rules of mum and dad are always very clear in the eyes of their children.

If the educational rules are confirmed by both parents, the results will not be long in coming!

Parents must demonstrate great intelligence and share information.

Ideal, for example, is the use of a shared management platform that allows both of them to access all information relating to the lives of their children.

Talk about school, meetings with teachers, sports activities and friends! your children will thank you!


If you live too far from each other, it will be difficult for your kids to go to school, hang out with their favorite friends or just move around their usual environment. Inevitably, your shared parenting project will fail

Do everything to live close! Ideally, the same neighborhood would be perfect!

Attachment To The Other Parent

The fundamental rule that every separated parent must follow is to encourage encounters and the relationship with the other parent.

Respect your children’s love for their father or mother even if they have been a source of so much suffering for you …

As far as attendance times are concerned, some experts recommend waiting 6 years before embarking on a process of entrustment with 50% shared times even if it is always difficult to generalize as everything depends on the child.

Certainly there is that the child must not be separated from his main attachment figure, father or mother depending on the situation; if very small, the primary attachment figure will usually be the mother.


Be flexible and tuned to the real needs of the children. Adapting to the situation and their requests is synonymous with great balance.

If you are the adults, never forget! Rigidity and resentment ban!

Be available to modulate the calendar at any time looking for the best solution for their well-being with the ex.

Enough Ideological Battles

Custody of a child should never be considered the culmination of an ideological battle. A healthy joint custody provides for the coexistence of a father and a mother but it is not certain that equivalent times always correspond to the true interest of the children!

More and more mothers and fathers are now willing to really get involved, neglecting discussions as much as possible  and placing at the center the real interest of the children to have a father and a mother present.